How to Unlock your iPhone/ The Only Guaranteed iPhone Unlock Method

How to Unlock your iPhone

Following our simple guide ‘How to unlock your iPhone’, unlocking your iPhone is extremely easy.

We offer a step by step guide on the official unlock process which guarantees unlocking your iPhone.

Unlock your iPhone in 4 simple steps...

Step 1 – Select service

Identify the service you need on our site. For example; iPhone 4 locked to Orange network in UK.

Step 2 – Make a purchase for the unlock

Once you have established the service, click on the ‘buy now’ button of the service. You can pay securely with your credit card.

Step 3 - Receive an email with the unlock confirmation

Once payment has been processed, your phone is registered as unlocked on the Apple database. You will then receive a confirmation email notification giving you details of how to complete the process. The period it takes to receive the email varies with the network.

Step 4 – Connect to iTunes

To complete the process use a standard USB cable to connect your phone to a computer. Once this is done iTunes will automatically recognise your iPhone. Once it does, you can simply unplug the cable then plug it back again for an update. You will then see a congratulatory message as a confirmation that your iPhone is completely unlocked.


We are continually contacted by customers who have purchased an iPhone unlock solution online and have been left disappointed, without an unlock and unable to contact the companies concerned.

If a company is offering an INSTANT unlock or a price cheaper than ours, proceed with caution, they will no doubt be marketing a software unlock which simply does not work!

A Jailbreak/Unlock has not been an unlock option for a number of years and although popular all those years ago, it relied on software that is now many years out of date. It does not unlock your iPhone.

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